Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We are Fiona and Paul just two very ordinary Australians embarking on a journey to broaden our horizons several countries at a time. We first caught the travel bug 10 years ago when the last of our children became more independent and we found we had both time AND money!

Snorkeling at Great Barrier Reef at Reefworld
Snorkeling at Great Barrier Reef at Reefworld – Day Cruise from Hamilton Island Resort Queensland Australia

We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we try to enjoy each moment as it presents its self. We really love to plan travel and explore new places. Our travel over the years has matured into a slower form– focusing on fewer destinations with greater attention to exploring an area from a base site. So far, we have visited 16 countries and counting.

In the not too distant future we plan to move to Europe, basing ourselves in the UK – unless Brexit impacts on our ability to travel in and out of the EU!

Oh and we love lists, love to travel by train, always investigate the local public transport, keen cyclist, will take local ferries or short cruises, do walking tours and investigate local hikes.

Our travels are well planned freeing us up to really explore a place and get value for money.  We are active but not adventurous, independent but not adverse to the odd tour, neither low cost nor luxurious – we have the budget to be comfortable.

So, thank you for getting this far. We hope that we can entertain you but most of all inspire you to get out and investigate new places – one country at a time.

Hamilton Island Jetskiing
Jetskiing at Hamilton Island Resort, Queensland, Australia

4 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. WooHoo I am an unattractive shade of green right now. We’ve still got one in Yr 8……
    But we’ll be following your travels, drooling just a little , and compiling our own to do list xx

    1. Oh how the tables have turned! I remember wrangling children and following your travels in my own unattractive shade of green! Glad we can help with the travel list.

  2. Looking forward to hearing your stories of some hidden secret places you might find out there!

    1. Thanks Ian – lets hope we can find some hidden places for all to enjoy! We are off to Finland at Christmas to do a Huskie Safari. Not sure if that’s a hidden secret place but its very different to what we normally get up to!

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